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Catalyzing economic development doesn’t happen overnight, and sometimes, it’s challenging to know where to start. The Colorado Brownfields Partnership is here to support you and your community in your brownfield revitalization efforts. We create tools, webinars, blogs, and more to aide you in learning, planning, and implementing brownfield projects in your community.


Community Visioning in Silverton, CO

By supporting a community-wide vision through assistance, the Partnership believes Silverton will be able to move towards strategies identified in the process that will equip the community to tackle future brownfield projects.

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vacant lot

How to Spot a Brownfield

Unless you’re a brownfield nerd like us at the Colorado Brownfields Partnership, the term “brownfield” may not sit at the front of your brain everyday. But once you understand the definition of a brownfield, and how to identify them, you’ll be amazed at how frequently you encounter them.

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drawing of abandoned gas station

What is a brownfield?

Across the state of Colorado, many places have old, abandoned, or unsafe buildings and properties in their communities. These properties can take the shape of former industrial sites, gas stations, dry cleaners, junkyards, and many more.

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Keep up with the latest brownfield resources including videos, tools, webinars, and grant opportunities.