Brownfields Educational Video Series: What is a brownfield?


Across the state of Colorado, many places have old, abandoned, or unsafe buildings and properties in their communities. These properties can take the shape of former industrial sites, gas stations, dry cleaners, junkyards, and many more. Due to these site’s past uses, they are often environmentally contaminated.

These sites are referred to as ‘brownfields’.  

For example, old gas stations can leave behind underground tanks that once stored gas. Sometimes, these tanks can leak into the ground and contaminate the soil and water below. This potential threat makes proper cleanup necessary in order to redevelop brownfields.

Cleanups can be expensive and time consuming, and therefore, many communities and property owners let their brownfields sites go untouched and underutilized.

Failing to address a brownfield site is not only detrimental to the landscape and environment, but also negatively affects property values and deters investment in nearby areas. 

With support, the remediation of a brownfield can stimulate economic vibrancy, while also supporting a healthy environment. We, the Colorado Brownfields Partnership, can help you in this effort- and our support is free to you.


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