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Our Impact

29 Years of Revitalizing Local Economies

Acres of land restored
New Residences Built
Jobs created

Every day, local leaders across Colorado are hard at work to create a more livable place for their community. They want better jobs, thriving local businesses, and real opportunities for the people in their place. These leaders want an economy that benefits the community and makes people’s lives better, and the Colorado Brownfields Partnership wants that, too.

Our program has inspired and enabled the cleanup, revitalization, and redevelopment of many brownfield sites across Colorado. We also work to spread awareness about quality economic development across the state that leads to smarter spending, economic growth, and more livable places.
A single redeveloped brownfield site can do wonders for the local economy. This is why the Colorado Brownfields Partnership is a state-wide initiative, so that we can weave the local impacts from each brownfield site together to  creating a large-scale economic impact in the state of Colorado.
The Colorado Brownfields Partnership was extraordinarily impactful in supporting the revitalization of Downtown Rifle through the restoration of the Ute Theater. Overcoming the barriers to restoring historic properties is just one of the ways that brownfields can be a flexible tool in your toolbox.
Nathan Lindquist
Planning Director & Assistant City Manager, Rifle, COCEO
The Colorado Brownfields Partnership has been helpful in telling the story of the redevelopment of the Ute Ulay. They have been a champion for this project, helping us through every phase. The environmental stabilization and historic preservation of this site will protect downstream natural resources and create a heritage tourist destination.
Kristine Borchers
Commissioner, Hindsdale County
The Colorado Brownfields Partnership was incredibly helpful in supporting the restoration and improvement of recreational access along the San Miguel and Dolores Rivers in West Montrose County. They helped us apply for and receive over $200k in grant funding from the Uravan Mine & Mill Settlement which was instrumental in getting this critical project completed.
Deana Sheriff
West End Economic Development Corporation
The Compass Project could not be coming at a better time for our community, which is working to address many long-term challenges while also navigating new growth and an increase in visitation. Though we still have more work to do, the project has been a great asset to our community.
Gloria Kaasch-Buerger
Town of Silverton

Our Work

We’ve assisted hundreds of communities in their brownfield cleanup efforts. 
Project Status:

Success Stories

Since 1995, we’ve seen brownfields transformed into affordable housing, jobs created, historical roots restored, and community gathering spaces activated, and it all started with a conversation. Check out some success stories from other Colorado communities. 

Aviation facility to urban hangout

Stanley Aviation

Aurora, Colorado
Manufacturing building revived for commercial mixed use

Forney Industries

Fort Collins, Colorado
Asbestos removal reopens community cultural venue

Ute Theater

Rifle, Colorado
Petrochemical removal enables Downtown family apartments

Freight on the River

Denver, Colorado
Rural redevelopment of asbestos-laden housing

Kit Carson

Kit Carson, Colorado
Smelter residue removal makes way for affordable rural housing

Anvil Mountain

Silverton, Colorado


Keep up with the latest brownfield resources including videos, tools, webinars, and grant opportunities.