Brownfields Educational Video Series: VCUP 101

Welcome back to our Brownfields Educational Video series! This offering features the Voluntary Cleanup and Redevelopment Program, also known as VCUP.

VCUP is a State program through the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) that helps people by identifying clear steps to take to identify and resolve environmental contamination on distressed or contaminated properties. The end goal of the VCUP process is to clear the property title, allowing for redevelopment or transfer of ownership. 

If you own or wish to buy a property with environmental concerns, VCUP can help. The program is open to private property owners, local governments or nonprofits. The program provides guidance and support with no added obligation, and resolves potential liability concerns. VCUP can be used on almost any property that has an environmental stigma associated with it. 

Properties that sit untouched because of their real or perceived contamination can be rehabilitated through VCUP and may be eligible for other financing resources through CDPHE’s Brownfields Program. 

To learn more about this program and see if it’s right for you, view this short and informative video now.

If you want to verify that you qualify, or have any other questions about VCUP, please contact the Colorado Brownfields Partnership.

If your property used to be a gas station or potentially has underground tanks, please contact CDLE’s Division of Oil and Public Safety.
Phone: 303-318-8525


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