Case Studies Library

Rural dilapidated and abandoned gas station redeveloped into commercial spaces

Paxson Building

Kit Carson, Colorado
Urban landfill reclaimed for residential and retail

RiverPoint at Sheridan

Sheridan, Colorado
Gas station and commercial to suburban mixed use

Westminster Neighborhood Building

Westminster, Colorado
Brick company warehouse converted to rental housing

Fire Clay Lofts

Denver, Colorado
From gold mill to suburban mixed use infill

Gold Hill Mesa

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Coal plant redeveloped to science center and discovery museum

Powerhouse Science Center

Durango, Colorado
Smelter residue removal makes way for affordable rural housing

Anvil Mountain

Silverton, Colorado
Rural redevelopment of asbestos-laden housing

Kit Carson

Kit Carson, Colorado
Petrochemical removal enables Downtown family apartments

Freight on the River

Denver, Colorado
Outdated shopping mall becomes Lakewood’s downtown


Lakewood, Colorado
Asbestos removal reopens community cultural venue

Ute Theater

Rifle, Colorado
Manufacturing building revived for commercial mixed use

Forney Industries

Fort Collins, Colorado
Aviation facility to urban hangout

Stanley Aviation

Aurora, Colorado